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Our Artists

20190930 PFA Elephant.jpg

PHILIPPE FAURÉ-AUDOUY expresses the value and understanding of our psychological and physical condition in an ever-changing environment. He associates an in-depth study of the organic matter to a reality and past reality mostly ignored.The lines representing the background drawing are described by Fauré-Audouy as 'incidental lines' making the fabric and texture of the final drawing. Those are to him design opportunity, from which, he is going to take advantage of means, such as black graphite, black stone, black chalk lead, sanguine dry lead, chalk, colored pencils and pastel, used to express his sensitivity towards the chosen theme.

PATRICK FAURE was born in Monaco and has conquered the international art scene with powerful and highly intelligent paintings. Patrick’s style, which resembles Surrealism, is so particular that it found a new name with the critics as Faurism. This art style challenges our understanding of the human condition based on philosophical concepts. His paintings question the interrelationship of man and cosmos. Patrick has been selected by prestigious international shows: Istanbul Contemporary Art 2018 and 2019, Venice Biennale 2019, START Art Fair London 2019., and Miami Art Week 2019. He is represented by ACAI Art Gallery in London and S&V Art Gallery in New York.

Giuseppe Vaccarella.jpg

GIUSEPPE VACCARELLA is an amazing new artist who started his career in 2015. He has achieved significant results and has shown his art in London and New York. His style is based on the integration of humanoids - devoid of any structural elements or identifiable gender – into fantastic landscapes. This allows the viewer to identify with the characters in the painting and find his or her own interpretation of its meaning.

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